cw #money: it feels like, for me anyway, the way to use YNAB for me is to assign every single dollar and not over-allocate things. then I don’t get tricky with what feels like “extra” (because it’s not extra). at least til I pay off my credit cards – I’ve got one down, one to go in like ~four more months, and then a personal loan I took out to pay off a card I then rang up again. why have extra in “groceries” for next month where instead I could put another hundred bucks on my CC?? particularly since, if I needed it, I could just USE those CCs if things got tight? should be noted that this is all after having basically enough for a couple months if something really wack happened.

I….. love budgeting…………… very much

I’m typing this one on the computer instead of my phone, can u tell lol