More of What Remains of Edith Finch tonight at 7pm Pacific!! And the stream troubles from last week have been completely resolved. Pro tip: do not upload a ton of stuff to S3 while streaming…….. hth anyway come hang out with me and @ MrDrugs69 aka @ xantxant at!!

Streaming What Remains of Edith Finch tonight at 7pm Pacific with Cory (aka MrDrugs69 aka xantxant) See you there!

Ok, after probably the longest break I’ve ever taken from streaming, like eight weeksish, WE’RE BACK BABY!!!

Me and Cory are gonna be streaming a few things in the next couple months, so tune in tonight to find out more!

7pm Pacific, one night stream of Hardspace Shipbreaker, at my twitch, !! WOOOOO SEE YOU THERE!!

I have been so outrageously good about absolutely zero food out and yet I have been cohabitating with a mouse in the kitchen for a week and I am UPSET. Saw him tonight for the first time and now the door is open, rest of the house is blocked off, and I’m just… Drinking a beer and WAITING. he made a break already once for the door but I screamed and the door wasn’t open yet so he ran back to cover!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

Getting older is hot and awesome. Keep it up. I like how yr face gets lines, and how I can tell you have seen this shit before, etc! Line me up, D***y

While writing in my paper journal, I hesitated before writing a <, because WordPress once ate an entry of mine because I used the less than and greater than symbols in plaintext mode, it didn’t recognize the “html tag” I’d made, and just deleted it. In my PAPER journal, I hesitated 🤣

Was thinking about going on a bike ride tonight but I had major* surgery a couple hours ago so imma skip it and play video games and work out and get high I think. Man my life is cool

*extremely minor, so long ~mole!

The level discrepancy handling in random encounters and the auto battle of earthbound still haven’t been done as well as this game from frickin 1994 or whatever

Cw #food

I don’t post about fast food or whatever that I eat, but don’t get it twisted, I eat all kinds of food, but only really post about the “healthy” stuff.

So today I’m packing a lunch for a park date with myself/my girlfriend on the phone and it’s beautiful. Half of a leftover bag salad, a few ounces of what’s left of a chicken breast I cooked a few days ago for this purpose, a golden kiwi chopped up, some halved castelvetrano olives, with a rice vinegar/tamari/toasted sesame oil dressing! I think it’s really all about the interplay of salty/protein/fruit! This structure seems to be a good base to build an awesome, filling salad with.