And anyway I’m just coming back to work after a long weekend off, I’m so glad I took it, last week was a bit of a bear. Long hours, deadlines, impatience on my part, ahhh kinda rough stuff.

But this week is gonna be great. We’re on a full moon and had a lunar eclipse in the blood moon in Taurus last night and it was dramatic and awesome. I wrote out my intentions for the whole next moon, and came back from Vegas with elf pajamas and I feel loved as hell. So basically I’m untouchable

A very bright moon behind clouds. Technically a couple hours from being “full,” but impossible to tell. Kinda looks spooky with the trees and clouds too!

Once again I’m feeling like I’m missing Twitter and everyone there, but cohost has been nice in the meantime. Would love to see more posts though!

A friend loves something I introduced him to so much that he’s now making extremely fucking cool art about it and I’m 🥹

Just passed a really nice weekend in Las Vegas with family. I actually gambled for like three hours, and wound up up $25 haha!

Charity Stream for Outside In, October 30th 6:30pm PT,, no one lives under the lighthouse (the name of the game being played on stream). Alice and Rachel are featured looking scared

Hey I hope you’ll join Alice and I this Sunday, October 30th at 6:30pm Pacific, for a very special fundraiser stream of the game “no one lives under the lighthouse”, all for the benefit of the amazing Portland organization Outside In! for the event on Sunday for Outside In to donate to the campaign