Been an intense few weeks, months?? Definitely been on Girlfriend Island and the canoe has now sailed on, for the next few weeks and that’s ok! Gotta clean up this damn apartment but otherwise doing gooooood.

My girlfriend is gone for several months! What if I did a stream some time off schedule of sayonara wild hearts and just talked about them for a while?? Gay excellence

Speaking of being freaked out about covid shit, go get another booster ya fools! Erika just got an appt for 20m from now at so go forth and sin* some more, I’m getting mine in a couple days

*breathe, in the world, mostly still with a mask on

Teetering back and forth between mad that I can’t kiss my girlfriend before they leave (covid exposure) for several months and grateful that I have gotten to spend so much time with them, and continue to get to until they go. I am feeling like a real baby about this right now and just trying to fiiiiight it!!!

Also sorry about no stream last weekend, cramming a lot of time in before Erika leaves in a couple days. This Sunday for sure ❤️

Fricking covid scares. So tired of this rollercoaster! I’m clear, for now, but my close friend isn’t – we had about an hour of sipping cocktails/remasking indoors (big open space with few people, but closed), and then eating sandwiches outside together for about a half hour, two days ago, so I’ll be testing tomorrow too just to make sure. My girlfriend and I are like, what do we do, they leave to meet SEVERAL close people’s new babies in two days so???? Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh

Took my girl to Toshi last night, which remains the best sushi and absolutely most unassuming restaurant I have ever been to