Negative result, second of two in three days. Still have a slight cold, it’s very minor, but got spooked from a friend saying “I was negative on my first day of symptoms but not after”, so I took another test. Fuck I was nerve-wracked.

I almost waited til I got home so I couldn’t say if it was neg or pos, and then I decided that I would take the test so I would know, but not share it with anyone til I got home and just be completely, ridiculously masked and strapped up during travel today, tight N95 mask not down at all, period. I am so relieved I have not committed this awful ethical breach. But I was going to. goddddddddddddddddddddddd

This shit is so scary. And I feel like such an idiot. I know exactly when I should have caught it, and lucked out to the extreme. I will keep testing every two days for the next four. No, you haven’t “done everything right”, but also the R on this is just so out of control. Not a good combo.