Howdy folks, I’m mostly over on cohost at but I’ll post on here to RAVE (get it? u will soon) about a fundraiser I’m planning for a group I’m involved with, a homebrewing and community org called Cascadian Order of Community Supported Brewing, and it’s February 24, and if dancing to a million great DJs until the wee hours and trying a bunch of amazing homebrew sounds fun to you, then you should come to THIRST TRAP, the CSB Fundraiser on Feb 24! $25 early bird and ping me, the fundraiser lead, with any Qs!!!!

You can try the beer I just brewmastered called DESERT NIGHTS 🌵: Cold Cactus IPA, a Cold IPA with Aloe in it that I made with my girlfriend (and about ten other people but she and I brewmastered it, which means we came up with the recipe, got all the stuff, and coordinated all the humans for the different stages, and stepped in at basically every stage), or DESERT DAYS, a carbonated aloe hop water non-alcoholic complement to DESERT NIGHTS that we also brewmastered together!