Overheard while my girlfriend is doing the djangogirls tutorial “eyyyy, so that’s what 69 erikas looks like” πŸ˜‚

Might be through with Pride, might head back, idk! A seriously wonderful, restorative, physical and emotional weekend, regardless! Absolutely HELLA cuties y’all 🀩

Missed the dyke march which was apparently PROMPT AS HELL but still, babbys frist adult single pride is going Well y’all

Danced last night and am just so happy to remember how fucking much I love dancing… It hasn’t just been covid, I haven’t Gone Dancing in like, many many years. The club was packed, there was a line to get in (haven’t experienced THAT in forever either) and the jams were absofuckinglutely bangin. I did only see one other guy with a mask besides us and I gave him an air cheers across the dance floor. The gay cuties were OUT!!!!

Hm hmmm what to pride what to priiiiide, huge expensive party with no drinks included or cheap cover in the way out, or non pride really good dance night?????

It’s extremely fun being STRUCK, DUMB at how amazing looking my girlfriend is, and then to see them looking back at me with that same grin