Just played Overwatch for the first time since last July. Some feelings about it. I still support the union in every fucking way. But god this is a special game to me and I have missed this exact pastime with dear friends so much. It was like. So so so good. Tooooo good almost!

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  1. Never have been big on multiplayer, but another option is Deep Rock Galactic. Frankly terrifying to play by myself. I could see it being fun with a couple few friends. Feels like a game that’s supposed to be played co-op.


    1. We played Deep Rock Galactic! Where a lot of games fell down, and not necessarily DRG, was needing everyone to kinda be there the whole time, or that the world had a kind of state, or that a play took too long and started to slog, or the play was just so asymmetric that some develop facility faster than others. DRG is pretty good on most of these axes, but I personally found it frustrating when the group had played a ton and then my skills were kinda left behind. Theoretically that could also be the case with Overwatch, but the shorter game length means popping in and out is easier, and the long skill tree development also makes starting up longer, and it takes longer between rounds to get going in DRG as well. However, it’s a great game, and combines “local” and rando multiplayer really well, and the story is funny and the gameplay is solid.

      The group also liked some sims like zombie survival game I didn’t care about, and also got really Valheim for a while, which I lost interest in too. There were some others we kept trying too… Apex Legends, Destiny 2, looking for that role-based team shooter vibe, and idk, nothing stuck! This, augh, felt like coming home.


      1. Oh yep I can definitely see that being an issue, and every complaint / comment about Overwatch lines up with what yours.

        Speaking of Valheim, I got into that for a bit once they implemented the “pause” feature. But then it got kinda hard so I’m trying Kenshi because I am apparently very bad at math (“House Buildy Viking Game too hard? Let’s play Run Like Heck Permanent Injury Game!”). Frequent alternations with No Man’s Sky because Go For a Space Walk and Name All The Space Flowers Game is apparently a needed counterbalance.

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        1. I’m really not sure what it is but SOMEthing about the survival games just does not do it for me? I’m sure there will be some counterexample if I think harder about it! But they’re definitely a very structurally interesting game type!


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