Adjusting, fiddling, may well end up forking over $180 for superjuice power on wordpress. it MUST be cheaper for my time than entirely running my own site, right? y’all I just, haven’t got web dev. but it would be fun to learn so I’m big hesitating. anyway I hope the font size is easier and better now, please holler re!

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  1. It’s readable for sure but holy frijoles that’s a chunk for a personal project. OTOH spending minimal cash and twenty years fiddling isn’t necessarily a winning combo either.


    1. It really is. Might peel the whole thing off into some truly low tech thing.. what I really want is VERY easy posting, from my phone, so if I could figure that out I could probably drop wp. I bought it off namecheap so I’m not tied.


      1. Brain dump. I’m not saying these thoughts will work for you, but maybe it’ll get you some ideas.

        Thinking about a tumblelog similar to what you have here, using a quick SSG (Hugo or Zola) on Netlify with NetlifyCMS. I already know Netlify’s great with the automatic build & deploy. I haven’t used their CMS in anger yet, but some light dabbling shows promise.

        Comments — which honestly? This is awesome and I miss it on my own sites — are still an open question. Solutions exist like Disqus (works ok but many of those Google / FB type of ad & data concerns) and (looks cool, requires GH account if I read right).

        I can also see a timeline where I do all this with with fiddliness somewhere between WP and SSG+Netlify+???+profit!

        WordPress’s thing is all this works on day one.

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