Lots of people have gotten frustrated with me over the years for some of my “lawful good” stuff. Was in the car with my girlfriend this morning, taking them to an appointment, when I didn’t turn on a red arrow, when everyone around me was. It’s not legal, and I just don’t do it. Not trying to appear virtuous, it’s just sensible and easy and doesn’t cost anything. Others, like my last gf and plenty more, have gotten slightly heated and insisted that I do it anyway. But they, I could see, took a second, smiled, and thanked me for driving them to their appointment this morning. Folks… Take a beat, and appreciate safety and laws and the people trying to do the right thing!

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    1. You are so welcome. It’s amazing to watch someone, like, regulate in real time, and choose the kinder AND more productive path!!


  1. it is actually legal to turn on a red arrow in Oregon!
    (It is unusual though, for sure)


    1. Fuuu why did i not see this post.
      And why can’t i delete it
      Why can’t i delete.. everything and crawl back into a hole with my RSD kthx


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