Have not been eating or exercising as well with my girlfriend gone. Today’s run & pushups/situps/clamshell circuit was a little rough today. This is, overall, actually uh hard. Boohoo, I know, super duper woe is me, somebody loves me who isn’t immediately present, but though I’m doing ok, I’m kinda also not? I mean. I’m fine. There’s just chemicals in my brain! And they’re awesome. So.

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  1. Are you following a specific workout plan or DIY? I joined a bookish workout group in March and I’m still obsessed with it 🙂 I think it’s a combo of the actual workouts, the bookish inspiration, and the group support/enthusiasm. I can send you more info if you’re interested!

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    1. Dude that sounds awesome!! No but Erika is in one that’s really motivating, I just run and have also been doing the other things I mentioned, I like to lift weights too but don’t have any at home. I think I’m nervous of the accountability 🤣


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