ok… might switch to my work iphone, which they said we can use as our personal devices, or I might just use this $160 phone I got on craigslist today – but if I use the iphone I can sell this again. and I’ll have to do some return rigmarole shit to get the money back on the One Plus phone I panic-bought :/

in the mean time, I got a sim card at the best buy, and got it hooked up, and had some pretty frantic movement – like hooking up my old PC I haven’t turned on in over a year to get to Authy, and calling my very nice ex spouse to read me off a 2fa code sent to his phone, added to my old gmail account forever ago – to make sure I didn’t lose any access to anything critical.

next up, gotta put an actual new sim card in the phone, that the carrier is gonna send me by hopefully monday or tuesday, which has my actual phone number on it. so I’m temporarily on a 971 number. I’D RATHER DIE*

*it’s fine