Welp dropped my beautiful phone in the river last night. Dealing with All That today. Hate that I’ve just made it harder to talk to my girlfriend in europe until I get this shit figured out. and then I panicked and bought a full price new phone and then IMMEDIATELY regretted it, realizing I could actually do something else to get onto a phone soon, but wasn’t able to cancel the order, so now I have to RETURN it and do all that shit. UGH UGH UGH.

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  1. I actually had a somewhat similar experience when I broke the display on mine… I went to buy a new phone, realized it wouldn’t get here for a week, canceled it, found a repair place (w/part) for the old one, fixed it, then like 3 days later the 4yo knocked it into the bathtub and it basically died anyway. I went through a lot of Streak Freezes before a friend pointed out that Duolingo has a web interface too

    I hope you get your phone situation sorted out amicably and can get back in touch with the people you care about

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    1. oh man I am like four levels deep with this stuff…. I kinda like the samsung s8+ that I got for real cheap today, weirdly? but I could also use my work phone, which they’ve told us we can use as our own too. either way, I don’t feel the need to have dropped all these bux on this One Plus phone, which I DO love but man, I’d rather have the money!!! ya girl is about to go to freakin europe!!! this expense SUCKS!


    1. bahahahahahaha YES holy shit hi, I STILL don’t have my number back but will in the next couple days, they’re sending me a new sim card with my old number on it so I’m still just… high and dry lmao


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