I have been so outrageously good about absolutely zero food out and yet I have been cohabitating with a mouse in the kitchen for a week and I am UPSET. Saw him tonight for the first time and now the door is open, rest of the house is blocked off, and I’m just… Drinking a beer and WAITING. he made a break already once for the door but I screamed and the door wasn’t open yet so he ran back to cover!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

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  1. Fuuuuuck I saw him again, I have the kitchen blocked in and now the back door open, if this were the Midwest I’d be overrun with moths rn, but I’m just waiting for this STUPID VERMIN to RUN OUTSIDE, I have no idea what he’s been surviving on, I have cleaned my house and kitchen so many times and NO, FOOD, is left out and even all the chewable cardboard stuff in the cupboards has been put in the fridge, I’m just UGH GROSSED OUT


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