*cracks knuckles* six days til I go to Europe time to start with the language app, querría un bollo! This is probably wrong.

Cw #exercise

An amazing workout, my first in like nine days because of the heat last week, and now I’m clean, and my house is clean, and I had some yummy food, and my apartment is cool and comfortable without having to have thirty seven fans blaring. And the introspection is high quality. Everything feels perfect right now. 😍

After being “in transit” since July 22 (it is Aug 1), the care package I sent to my girlfriend who has been in Italy this summer has finally arrived.. back in Portland???? Hm, uh

Fyi no stream for a few weeks, probably September. Summer break baybay!!! Me and xantxant are probably going to stream something together, so if you liked our Outer Wilds DLC stream, keep an ear out 🙂

Pretty sure I’m gonna stay in this apartment another year but my ex just sent me a pic of his new cat he adopted and man, I MISSSSSS kitties and pets!!!! Will I wait till I can buy idk idk…

Cw #food

Made a grip of cold olive oil mashed potatoes the other day and it’s the most fantastic filling but not heavy hot weather food. It’s over a buncha spinach now with some more olive oil and some rice wine vinegar and it’s sooooooo good