To a couple people in my life rn I’m asking to stop talking to themselves negatively, e.g. “Rachel, you gotta finally do laundry” or whatever, but it’s frequently accompanied by things like “Rachel, don’t be an idiot.” This is so bad for you! Don’t talk to yourself like this. It affects your self image and it creates an emotional punishment for ordinary tasks. You are you! You’re the one paying the price when you talk to yourself like this, not some mythical extra-you you! As always, there’s no way you would talk to someone else like this, “Rachel, get it together,” so don’t talk to yourself like this either.

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  1. Honestly even writing this bummed me out. A friend pointed out that I did this a long time ago, and how much it (needlessly!) hurt me, and now it’s one of those things I can’t un-see, y’know?


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