ADHD is so weird. I drank an americano and then went to bed for two more hours this morning. Normal people can’t do that I don’t think??????

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  1. I don’t know if there is any statistical coincidence or overlap with ADHD, but my understanding is that it is normal to not have caffeine impact a person depending on their genetic sensitivity, current tolerance built up and other environmental factors. I had actually read something about this lately and some people actually are “immune” to the wokeness effects due to genetic reasons that the caffeine doesn’t bind with their adenosine receptors.

    Sample size of 1, but Jake for example can drink coffee right before bed without impact and pretty sure he doesn’t have ADHD

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    1. That certainly checks out too. I generally drink a cup of coffee a day and it DOES wake me up! But if I want to go to sleep it doesn’t prevent it, at all. So, irdk!


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